Accounts Receivable

Moneta is our Accounts Receivable specialist. Moneta helps oversee and scale the AR process by setting up customer accounts, helping with order management, customer billing, cash management, bad debt analysis, credit, reminders for collections, etc.

Moneta is a smart worker and a constant learner. She is cognizant of the fact that AR is an immutable and critical business asset that impacts financial statements, cash flow and working capital management. To her, accurate bookkeeping and due diligence is paramount.

Moneta syncs up with the Business Support Team as and when required. She never gets bored or drops her guard against repetitive tasks. What’s more, Moneta needs no health insurance and never applies for leave.

Benefits of having Moneta in your team:

Moneta operates on NLP (Natural Language Programming) and has won multiple awards for her technical background. Moneta is available for hire & training immediately. Contact us to know how.

Check Moneta’s work skill & process. Demo

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