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    E42 is the world’s leading AI and NLP-powered no-code platform to build AI co-workers that automate complex people- and process-centric processes across functions. Having worked with more than 60 enterprises

    GST Hero

    For the first time - a fully integrated, fully automated, seamless Eco-System that brings every GST solution under one single roof. An interlinked ecosystem that’s 100% compliant, fully automated, and works like a well-oiled machine.


    Kanerika is a global consulting firm building efficient enterprises with deployment of automated, integrated, and responsive solutions. Kanerika crafts innovative strategies harnessing the power of proprietary digital consulting frameworks


    Global TCI

    Everything we do at Turnaround Consulting Inc. is with the purpose of helping our clients achieve their end goal of maximising profits and shareholder value. Be it evaluating a business, raising capital, advising on an acquisition, preparing for a merger, debt restructuring or budgeting and forecasting

    GST Hero

    We are the ExCFOs - Decade-long experience Professional Network - Employees and Partners Worked in a complex business environment , Our Expertise, Your Peace of Mind. Trust in our proven strategies for efficient debt resolution and lasting financial stability

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